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goodsadvice enjoys a large network of partners and experts in various countries, sectors and functions - all specialists of Africa that can be mobilized on demand - to best support its clients.

goodsadvice has formed a partnership with Hexagon to bring affordable financing closer to Africa. Hexagon has decades of experience in trading with the African continent; they are specialised in processing your order whilst providing customized finance solutions.

The opportunities range from single investment finance to revolving finance for FMCG-purchases. Clients who meet the requirements gain the benefits of purchasing and financing from a single source.

Contact us for specific requirements and to learn more about the multiple opportunities.


We provide consultative services for German and African SME’s on their African/German entry

Our consulting ranges from

Market Strategy Development

Market testing & forecasting

Market entry facilitation

Intercultural advise and negotiation

Why us?

goodsdvise offers a range of advisory services tailored for small to medium enterprises and clients. 


Excellent understanding

goodsadvice offers a range of advisory services tailored for small to medium enterprises and clients.

Our client base includes companies in the FMCG sector, some with a long-established presence in Africa and those making their first investments.


Intimate Knowledge

We have access to real time, industry and country specific knowledge that can be tapped in at any moment.

We serve our clients in a very personal and direct way on competitive financial terms, offering the same excellence and lucrative advice as leading consulting firms.


Ambitious Vision

Taking learnings from UBUNTU (I am, because we are), we will share your’ vision and support you in creating a sustainable ecosystem for your business to prosper.


goodsdvise offers a range of advisory services tailored for small to medium enterprises and clients. 

Market Strategy Development

  • Strategy development 
  • Value chain analysis 
  • Due diligence 
  • Route to market strategy 
  • Research, business development and evaluation 

Market Testing & Forecasting

  • Market research 
  • Demand forecasting 
  • Value chain analysis 
  • Competitor profiling 
  • Risk analysis

Market Entry Facilitation

  • Partner identification and selection 
  • Meet and greet in country with stakeholders and relevant chambers etc. 
  • Coordinate exhibitions and marketing campaigns 
  • Route to market stategy. 

Intercultural Advise & Negotiation 

  • Training on culture and society in Africa 
  • Workshops and lectures about “negotiating with people from other cultures” for entrepreneurs & trade fair exhibitors
  • Intercultural Security Awareness Training 
  • Support and consulting for negotiations between German & African decision-makers 

Our Team

Our all-star team of advisors.

Janneke Lupp
Managing Director

Ankama Hango
Senior Advisor – New Market Development

José Scheuer
Brand Manager

Anne Albertz
International Account Manager

Mayte Fink
International Account Manager

External Advisors

Our all-star team of special advisors.

Our Partners

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

Contact us.

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